(Update: 1/16/12) Little Fishy Maxwell Material Settings 

(Update: ? ) Little Fishy rigged and ready for a dip in the pool

(Update: 2/3/11) Little Fishy School Test


Here is “Little Fishy 1”. I’ll walk you through how it was made…..
Expect “Big Fishy 1” in the near future.

first thing i did was find a suitable reference image….. had not modeled a fish before…. so this will do:

after studying the fish and planning how to model it, i imported the reference image into my silo side view orthographic and tweaked a box to fit the base mold of the fish:

tweak and pulled on mesh, created eye socket and gill frame:

then i refined the subdivided mesh and extruded spline segments to fit over the “fin” areas for the fish which would later be masked out with an alpha channel (uv seams shown in part):

here is shown a 3 phase model development:

next, i combined the uv elements and scaled them proportionately:

from there, the texture maps were painted:

alpha map painted for “fins”:

the model was saved to obj, imported to max, textured materials applied, lighting setup applied, then rendered (respectively):

hope this helps! ( – :
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